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Sunday, October 6, 2013

3 Must-See Destinations in South America

Here is part 3 of 3 of John Gower's contribution on South American hotspots. This is one my personal favourites. Enjoy the read!

3. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

From its colorful festivals to its melting pot of cultures and ethnicities, Rio de Janeiro is one of the well-known cities in Brazil and a must see for tourists. With the outgoing residents of Rio de Janeiro, every tourist will be able to unwind and have a truly fun time in the city. Along with its people, Rio de Janeiro has countless places to visit. One of the top places to see in Rio de Janeiro is the statue of Cristo Redentor, or Christ the Redeemer, that overlooks the city. To get a better view of the statue, travel by cable car up to Sugarloaf Mountain and view the deep blue ocean water below. Travelers can also find exotic wildlife on the mountain by following trails. Sugarloaf Mountain isn’t the only area in Rio de Janeiro that has wildlife for tourists to see – at Tijuca National Park, known as the largest urban forest in the world, visitors can find a miniature version of the Amazon rainforest here. With the lush greenery and natural inhabitants, the Tijuca National Park is known for its Atlantic Forest, which makes for a fun tour of exotic plants and animals Brazil has to offer.

Not only is Brazil known for its landscapes and monuments, but also for its beaches. In Rio de Janeiro, Copacabana and Ipanema are the most populated beaches in the city. With vendors who bring food, drinks, and even clothing to beach visitors on these beaches, Rio de Janeiro knows how to pamper its beach guests.

Before traveling to South America, consider what environment you want to be in and what you want to explore or learn about. Be sure to plan ahead to ensure you have the best time in South America.

John Gower is a writer for NerdWallet, a site that helps you save money by “doing the homework for you.”

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