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Sunday, January 13, 2013

2013: Anyone for Doomsday?

Happy New Year everyone! I am pleased to return to the blogging sphere following a well deserved break – at least from social media and the like. At first glance, it appears not much in the world has changed since I last posted in December. The planet did not mysteriously implode, there were no massive tidal waves, the tectonic plates did not break out into a wild samba dance, the rise of the machines has gone unnoticed, the aliens did not come for a humanoid buffet and the apes have yet to enslave humanity. Does it not seem odd to anyone how popular these “end-of-the-world” theories are? Thankfully, people are feeding less into these themes than in the past.

Sure buddy, whatever you say.

New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day soon followed what many implied the Mayans’ prediction of the end of days – they just ran out of stone for their calendar – a time for many people to partaaay as if it really was the end of the world. For many, it is traditionally a time to spend with friends at a house party, a club or an iconic place such as Times Square in hopes to exchange a memorable kiss with a special someone as soon as the first minute chines in a new era. I have always preferred to be with the family as we have done over so many years, although the crowd seems to be getting smaller but there is still quality in attendance. The closing ceremonies are a way to toss out every unfortunate event that happened over previous year, deleting every file from the hard drive. The problem with this clinical strategy developed using a strong dose of intestinal fortitude is that those former issues are often blamed on others, making it possible and inevitable for history to continue to repeat itself.

It is more convenient to blame others than to be accountable for our own actions, is it not? If we take a trip down the history books, there are several chapters on authoritarian regimes and international large-scale conflicts triggered by those adopting this particular doctrine. To err is human and we all do it – except for Michael Jordan: he just never seemed to miss! This is how the learning process actually begins. There are those who are convinced they are never wrong and everyone surrounding them is inept. What can I say? They are in for a rude awakening. To forgive is divine (a common phrase following the first italic in this paragraph). Now this is a wonderful theory that must make its way into practice by not only forgiving others, but forgiving ourselves as well. Give yourself a pat on the back. This is how real personal growth actually occurs. Even the greatest intellectual minds have lessons pending in their pursuit of knowledge and have made a mistake or two.

Our resolutions are also a blueprint to our year. We often blame life for happening, which forces us to discard these resolutions and wait until the following year to come up with brand new ones. There is nothing wrong with drafting out a life mantra as you go along and tweak it from time to time, ensuring you give yourself a richer and fuller life that you deserve. Our lives are not dictated by tragedies. We have a chance to shape everything by determining how we face each challenging situation and rise above them. Rise above it! Furthermore, if we dig around frequently, we can find a plethora of sources to motivate us, leading to a more positive outlook on life. Now I know, it is easier said than done, but as they say, like attracts like. If you need an extra “pick-me-up”, listen to the video posted below this paragraph. George thinks you are amazing!

I wish you all a Solid Gold 2013, as coined by the Bickford family during our Christmas holiday. It is true that a suspended NHL season because of an incomprehensible strike has put a damper on the year’s initial face off, but if you look at it in from a positive perspective, the Toronto Maple Leafs are having their best season yet – now there is a wonderful joke to get things going for the year! We are only a few days in and I have already been blessed with reconnecting with some good friends who had been collateral damage of time and physical space resolved by a touch of serendipity and chicken wings. There is promise when we are willing to work for to fulfill our utmost desires and establish a finish line (or a new beginning) to get out of that tunnel. Here is to new beginnings and following through!

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